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Welcome to the maximum toyota power website. You will find some of the finest examples of older Rear Wheel Drive Toyota's in the world. I have provided short info next to each image in all the galleries, if you want more info on a certain car email me and I'll see what I can do. If You like REAL POWER and not JUST LOOKS, then you WILL like this site, but if all your after is cars with stickers all over, or other simply cosmetic mods, this site may not interest you at all.
Anyway, enjoy your stay, and SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!, wheather you like my site or not.

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After many years, I have finally reclaimed the domain for this site. Might actually do some work and update it a bit ;-) Should be all working soon.


For all your air conditioning needs: Located in Wrocław Poland - DAIKIN Dealer.
Ururu Sarara Altherma VRV Split Mulit Split etc.


Updated the Links page by removing dead links, and adding some new ones. If you want me to add a link to your website, email me.


Firstly HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody.

I would like to point out, that the site is no longer available at the old links, which are: and The whole content was removed from the fortunecity servers, and I have not been contacted by no one from fortunecity, nor has anyone replied to my emails.

On a different note, during the past years, I have been contacted by various people offering to donate money showing their support, and thanks for this site. Many people claim that my small technical section and varoius other info throughout the site has helped them in their projects and ideas. If you would like to, you can donate through PayPal to


Well the idiots at fortunecity have deleted my whole previous website, so the fortunecity url will not work every again. Stupid people. Hopefully everything will be working fine on the new host


Nothing much updated, I have been living in Europe for the last few years, and modifing old Toyota's is pretty hard without all the parts that are readily available in Australia and the USA. I do however have 5 AE86's. All are powered by the 4A-GE, all have disc brake rear end, with LSD's, and are 2 door coupe Levins.

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Big thanks to Sentaroh Okabe for being so kind and writing "maximum toyota power" in Japanese for me.

I will add more stuff here as I update any of the pages, sign my guestbook so I know people do view this site. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can email me or SIGN THE GUESTBOOK!!.

If you have a older REAR WHEEL DRIVE Toyota powered by a twin cam or any other hi-performance 4 cylinder (or Mazda Rotory) engine and would like to have pictures and info of your car on this site email me at :

TE72 Corolla GT-TR

This page contains pictures, sounds, movies and info on My Twin Cam Turbo Toyota T-18 ( TE72 chassis ). There are also pictures and info on a brake and turbo upgrade I did, aswell as a T50 to W58 gearbox upgrade.

(updated 01-06-02)


On this page you will find some pictures and info of my AE86 Corolla GT Coupe's, powered by the 4A-GE engine. Also known as Toyota Levin GT's.

(updated 27-01-08)


This is the 3T-GTEU POWER GALLERY, with cars powered by that superb Twin Cam Turbo engine. Here, You will find Arthur's 410hp TA22 "SIKTOY" Celica, Matti's TA63 310hp Carina, Colin's "Tokyo Taxi" Corona, Richard's Corolla, Paul's "Red Rocket" Corolla, Richard W's Corolla and Brad's T18.

(updated 29-01-00)


This is the Toyota TE72 & TE71 GALLERY, with T-18's and COROLLA's from all around the world, powered by anything from stock 4A-G's and 3T-C's through to fully worked 2 litre 2T-GEU's, and 3T-GTEU's.

(updated 23-04-01)


The AE86 GALLERY has 5 great cars most powered by the 4A-G, one carbied and three injected, which include Bill's ~160hp 4A-GE AE86 Sprinter, and Vit's 3T-GTEU powered Trueno!

(updated 25-08-01)

other fine RWD toyotas

On this page you will find FAST RWD Toyotas like Tim's "4S FED" ~200hp SuperCharged 2T-GEU powered TA22 Celica, Joe's "BLOWN" 2T TA22 Celica GT, Thane's RA40 Celica GT with a 18R-G, Phil's 4A-GZE SuperCharged KE30 Corolla and Ricky's drag KP61 Starlet powered by a dual Webber fed 3T.

(updated 14-10-99)


The RALLY GALLERY is here, with pictures of all the best Rally action, including Celica 4WD's, GT-FOUR's and WRC Corolla's. All pictures were taken by Grzegorz Borus.

(updated 22-06-00)

maximum toyota power technical

Read about putting a 4A-GZE SuperCharger on your 2T-GEU engine, or how to go about fitting a late model EFI engine into your Toyota. Then you can go ahead and upgrade your brakes after you've done a turbo engine swap, or upgraded to a bigger turbo. Everything is mentioned here.

(created 20-03-99)

used parts garage

Place your 'Wanted' and 'For Sale' adds here. To get back to this page, click on the 'maximum toyota power' banner.
The old "Used Parts Garage" is here

(updated 26-05-01)

general discussion forum

The General Discussion forum is here (BBS). Here you can write/talk about anything you want as long as it has something to do with Toyota's.

(created 27-05-01)


Here you have two Corolla's in a Rally Event, no this ain't some WRC, this is real pro stuff, KE30 action at it's finest! 1998 Corolla Championships, who wins? who looses? who races? find out!
4 new MPG movies with sound added!!

(updated 01-06-02)

Other Cool Cars

Pictures of my friends cars, which include Dave's Mazda RX-3, Brendon's Mazda B2000 Ute, Mazda RX-3 Coupe, Datsun 1600 (510) Rally Car and Richard Hunt's Ford Escort Turbo.

(updated 22-02-98)

Car Related Links

Links to some of the best Car Sites on the net, mainly other people's homepage's with their Toyota's, some very FAST with lots of POWER!

(updated 29-01-08)

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